Get Horsey Fit in 2010!!!

15 Jan

Well it’s the start of 2010 and as normal the tv adverts and dvd shelves are packed with celebrity fitness dvds! As tempted as I am to get one due to the sheer volume of Quality Street chocs I ate over Christmas, I know there is a much better way to get fit standing in the stable just down the road :). If like me, you’ve been unable to ride due to the ice and snow you’ll be feeling a little relieved that it now seems to be melting. Riding is a great way to get fit, and it will do your horse a world of good. In addition all the jobs that need doing at the farm will help- mucking out, poo picking, shifting all those hay bales! If you think of it as exercise maybe it won’t seem like such a chore (well thats what i’m trying anyway). But if you don’t have a horse don’t worry…I’m pretty sure there are plenty of yards and horse owners that would love some help and it would be great experience if you are thinking of getting a horse in the future.

These Pink Knightrider Socks will come in handy if like us you are up the yard in the dark (both morning and night) and along with your fluorescent tabard and horse accessories they’ll help drivers see you on the road!  Plus they’ll keep your feet warm and beautiful :-).  So save your pennies on that gym membership, treat yourself to some stylish warm sockies and get horsing about outside!


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