What do you want?!

16 Feb

With BETA International fast approaching, this will be the first time http://www.thehorsediva.co.uk has visited this particular trade event at the NEC (though we are rather familiar with the Birmingham NEC after getting stuck there last week at Spring Fair!). We are looking to expand our current collections and although we do have plenty of ideas up our sleeves we’d really like to know what our customers would like to see for sale on www.thehorsediva.co.uk.

If you have any ideas- either general or specific products there are plenty of ways you can let us know! Firstly you can contact us via our website simly filling out the following form… http://www.thehorsediva.co.uk/contact.php or if you’d prefer you can email us directly info@thehorsediva.co.uk.

Alternatively if like us you are a bit of a social networker, find us on twitter or facebook and send us a tweet/ write a comment on our facebook wall! Follow us on twitter here… http://twitter.com/thehorsediva. And become a fan of us on facebook here… http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Horse-Diva/470291315108.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and you joining us in our online networking world 🙂

Katie x


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