Masterchef Inspiration!!!

8 Apr

I have been following Masterchef for the last few weeks and was feeling rather nervous watching the final last night! Big congratulations to the Masterchef champion 2010 Dhruv Baker who has an amazing talent and a huge career in food ahead of him. I have to say I also loved the other two finalists so lets hope they also get to follow their dreams… Reading the news reviews of the final this morning I was rather amused by the fact that Dhruv’s toddler son doesn’t like his meals!!! You can always rely on children to stop your ego expanding!

If like me, you have been inspired by the scrumptious dishes they created on Masterchef, its time to get in the Kitchen and experiment (though I won’t be setting my cooking standards too high)!!! However I will be wearing my pretty pink Messy Mare Kitchen Apron from The Horse Diva to protect my clothing from the anticipated mess. I shall even colour coordinate with the pink egg timer and pink kitchen knife I was given for Easter- can you tell I like pink? To get your own apron and stand out amongst the ingredients simply click here.

Happy Cooking- let me know how you get on 🙂 !


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