Summer Picnics!

22 Jul

The holidays are fast approaching and luckily this week we are seeing a tad more sunshine hurrah! If you are starting to think about activities for the children during the summer break then why not consider a countryside picnic? We got our picnic table out at the weekend for an event and I realised its barely ever used but is such a nice thing to do with friends and family and it doesn’t cost a fortune. You can get the childen to help you prepare a picnic at home and they will love packing their very own lunchbox. If you’re little one is pony mad, the new pony girl lunchbox and water bottle at The Horse Diva will go down a treat!

You don’t need to travel far and its not an expensive activity as you can use whatever food you already have in the fridge. Plus once the summer is over, these are great items for school packed lunches- there is a name tag on the lunchbox and the water bottle fits inside perfectly. These are light and easy for children to carry but a good size to cram full of food for a day out at a horse show or Pony Club event. But remember if its hot and sunny put on some sun cream and reapply it during the day- and if you’re horse or pony is anything like mine this may be applicable to him too!


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