Press Pages at The Horse Diva!

27 Jul

At The Horse Diva we are continually working to improve our website and this week I am feeling rather excited as we have launched two new Press Pages.

Here you will find links to our press releases and any press articles that we have been featured in. Feeling inspired by these website alterations I have been working hard on a new press release and I thought you may like a little read…so here it is!

The Wrong Path Leads The Right Way…

I  left school at 18, uncertain of what the future held in store for me. Despite achieving good grades throughout secondary school I was questioning the narrow path of attending University that I was rapidly being pushed towards. Through sixth form I watched my friends make plans, visit University cities and talk in depth about which course they so longed for. Yet rarely did I hear a discussion of a chosen career or future job role, and I began to question why University was the only option? What else was outside of the school gates?

With only my part time Saturday job for experience, I didn’t have a clue about career opportunities, yet I soon came to the conclusion that University was not for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be in 10 years time so why should I get in to £10,000’s of debt guessing my future? Horror. That was the external reaction. I was not going to conform or follow the “normal” route….I was going to take my own path, or as others would see it be written off as a failed statistic.

With limited guidance available, I was lucky enough to be able to lean heavily on my family who had forever blessed me with support and encouragement. So off I trundled into the big wide world, sifting through job adverts trying to break down job descriptions into comprehensible language! It wasn’t long and, I suppose I was in the right place at the right time, but I managed to secure a trainee sales position within a local Jewellery Design company and it turned out to be a fantastic job for me. I loved the role, the people, the company and I rapidly learnt an incredible amount and within three years I was managing their new studio in Cambridge. But then within a few more months I decided it was time for a change and I took the brave although some may say stupid??) decision to leave stepping once more into the unknown.

After much trial and error it had dawned on me, I suppose, that I wanted (or needed) to put all my weirdly diverse skills into something that I truly and being young I felt it that it was now or never to give it a go. Taking inspiration from my mum’s own business Garden Divas and my own passions in life, in October 2009 The Horse Diva was born.

I researched the market, sourced my products, designed my website and sent the web designer off with strict instructions! Combining my love of horses, shopping and business, this online horsey boutique is the biggest and best challenge of my life so far. From website alterations to selecting (and trialling) the ranges I love the diversity and complexity of running my own business. Just six months after setting up, it’s very hard work and takes full commitment and dedication plus a lot of self belief and initiative. It’s bright, fresh, informal and friendly- just like any high street shop should be.

The Horse Diva’s vision for the future is to lead the way in innovative online shopping, create the original Horse Diva range and grow a successful business of choice. And now, because it’s relevant, because it’s useful and because I can put it in to practice I am completing my Business Studies Degree through the Open University.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the wrong path is actually the right way.

The Horse Diva


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  1. Randy Pena July 27, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    Well said Great information, keep up the great work!

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