One of those weeks…

29 Jul

Is it me or does anyone else have those weeks when you just run out of energy and everything seems a bit too much! In the last few months I had been doing so well schooling my horse, increasing both his and my own fitness and then suddenly I hit a brick wall. Rather than fight it I gave us both a week off to try and recharge the batteries and it seems to have done the trick. After a lazy hack and a good old natter with a friend I was feeling a lot better and B seemed to still be behaving despite his rest. Then this weekend I headed into the field to tackle some schooling thinking everything i’d been working on would have gone out the window. But to my suprise B was excellent and the break seemed to have done him the world of good.

To make up for my recent time out of the saddle I spent nearly all weekend at the yard this weekend (I may as well have camped there)! In addition to horse riding myself I gave my friend a riding lesson. It was great fun and lovely to introduce someone new to the horse world. I did however find it quite difficult to break down all the info as I have never really taught before. For me, riding has become a bit like driving- when you’ve been doing it long enough it becomes automatic!

As any horse owner will know, there are many other lengthy horsey jobs that come along with owning your own horse. To name but a few I completed the daily field poo pick, topped up the water in the field, groomed the horses, picked out hooves, prepared feeds, applied fly spray and sun cream…need I go on!? For me, some days these chores I seem like a real hassle but I try and brighten daily routines up with my fun and funky equestrian yard products, putting to use my fabulous feeding fit, hoof pick (my fave is the pink and blue) and my Showa equestrian gloves, great for protecting your hands.


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