1 Sep

Last night I tuned in to Martin Clunes: Horsepower documentary. I had missed it on Sunday evening due to a night out with the girls but as soon as I sat down Monday I tuned it to my recording to see what I had missed. I was not disappointed; what a great programme. Plus I was thrilled to find out it was a two part documentary…if only it was an ongoing series! It seemed that approximately 4.5million people tuned in and it got me thinking that surely all those people are not equestrian folk?

Today I’ve been reading through the relevant thread on the Horse and Hound forum and like me, many other horse lovers out there absolutely loved Horsepower Part 1 and cannot wait for the next documentary! If you’re part of the Horse and Hound Forum, log in and leave your comments…and if you’re not already a member I’d really recommend you joined the forum- it really is a useful source of knowledge.

So from what I have read, the programme was well received in the equestrian community but what about the rest of the population? Having mooched around the internet for reviews it seems that the programme was fairly well received across the board. This article from the Independent said the programme was “bearable for even the horse indifferent”, suitable for a “general audience” and highlighted my favourite moment featuring Chester (what a gorgeous horse) and Monty Roberts.

Let’s hope next Sunday’s documentary is just as good and these positive reviews encourage broadcasters to increase their equine themed programmes in the future. In the meantime f you’d like some further reading I came across this great Martin Clunes Interview on during my internet travels- enjoy!


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