January Updates!

23 Mar

No matter what I do I never seem to be able to blog as often as I’d like and rather than apologise once again all I will say is that I am a horse owner. Those of you out there with your own equine friends with require no further explanation. For the rest of the sane population (and you must be sane as only totally mad people would actually choose this hobby as a way of life!) all I will say is a life with horses is a never ending list of jobs, worry, journeys across the country side in all weathers and all traffic, endless bills, constant checks of the weather forecast and getting drenched an obscene amount of times every week! However since my last blog (in October, shocking!!!) there has been much activity over at The Horse Diva camp. Unfortunately my new equine beauty has had a bit of a traumatic time, ending up moving yards twice in order to access other facilities to further his education, que stressed out me and stressed out manic horse!

Unfortunately he didn’t settle at all at the initial yard but luckily I soon found the most fantastic new home for us which we both fell in love with instantly. We are both very happy there and he is progressing well- it was lovely to have more time together to ride and practice over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Horse Diva had an extremely busy Christmas period with orders flying out across the country and Europe, even as far as America. Late January we are now facing the time of year when we head off to our buying shows across the country to choose the new product lines for Spring and dare I say it next Christmas. If you have any product requests please do contact us here . We are now running our sale with some fabulous bargains, with up to 70% discount off products which are selling out fast.

Now as we are half way through January there seems to be one topic that no one can avoid- the snow! Just as I had started getting Skip fit, he is mid way through what looks like a 2 week break. It’s these weeks when I am jealous of all you people out there with the luxury of an indoor school…if only. Ah well I think a good lunge line will come in handy when we can get back riding. Skip doesnt seem to mind too much…he is enjoying rolls in the fresh snow, brrr looks pretty cold to me young man. Despite the arctic conditions I hope you are still out enjoying your horses.

If like me, riding is out of the question, use the time to give your horse a bit of pampering in the stable, a good long groom and smarten him up, get him a snack ball to relieve the boredom and try and do a bit of groundwork and a some leg stretches to keep him supple. That’s after you have broken the ice off every water container in sight, spent out a fortune on the extra hay, changed heavy rugs for the tenth time that week and so on…..


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