The Annoyance of Internet Shopping!

23 Mar

Now you might read the title of this blog and ask yourself why on earth the blog of an internet retailer is posting an article about how annoying internet shopping can be!!!  Well the answer is in that first statement, it can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be…
Juggling work, studying, a horse, a dog, a house etc, I am a big fan of shopping online. I can fit it in at a convenient time, compare products and prices easily, all from the comfort of my own home- happy days (you would think).  So with my ever growing and changing horse the need to purchase equipment is an ongoing job and the past few months I seem to be constantly updating his wardrobe.  With three large orders placed online I could tick products off my list and await their arrival (or so I thought!).
Order No 1- the following day I get an email saying that the products would be with me in 3 weeks time!! I had paid for next day delivery and there was no notification of this delay on their website but apparently this was “standard”.  This resulted in me getting rather frustrated and consequently got a refund- back to the drawing board for these items.
Order No 2- delayed by the courier.  Turns up 3 days then items were missing from the package!! Grrrr, now had to buy alternatives elsewhere.
Order No 3- Three weeks later I am still waiting for it as apparently it keeps being returned to the sender.  So I am left spending time chasing this up to try and track down where my products actually are…
And dont even get me started on the items I have returned to two rather large retailers that are yet to even process my refund!
Now this might just be a run of bad luck for me as I do shop a lot online but honestly it is really rather annoying!  If this article hasn’t convinced you to shop on the high street and never return to the internet again then I can assure you that at The Horse Diva we do our very best to ensure these kinds of problems are minimized at every opportunity.  It is these kinds of experiences that make The Horse Diva team work extremely hard to avoid such problems and provide an excellent and HAPPY customer service.  Orders are dispatched the same or next day, beautifully packaged to ensure safe delivery and gifts can be wrapped straight for the recipient.  Now I cannot promise that there wont be the odd mistake (we are human after all!) but we will always be there to provide a friendly, helpful and efficient service be it via phone or email and we will of course apologise if mistakes are made.  We are happy to answer any questions, help with guidance on presents and advise the non horsey person without talking to you like you are a complete fool.  Basically we aim to provide service suitable for a Diva with high expectations!
So if you have ANY questions about our products, what we do, requests for new ranges, suggestions for blog topics, or just want a bit of a chit chat about anything equine then drop us a line via our website, facebook page, or twitter.  We love to hear from you!
Happy horse riding to all you Horse Divas out there xx


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