Perfect Ponies for Pony Mad Princesses

1 Apr

polly and pandora

I don’t know about you but when I was a child I was absolutely pony mad.  Nobody in my family was interested in an equestrian lifestyle so I am not sure where it came from but there was certainly no denying it.  When we came across some old photos recently, the signs for my love of horses arrived at an early age.  Barely walking, there I am peering in a random field at some ponies, or begging for 5 rides on the donkeys at the beach or pony rides at the local farm.  At the back of our childhood house there was a field with horses grazing and my mum wondered why I spent so long on the swing each day.  This was just so I could get high enough to see over the fence at what the horses were doing!  I loved going out of the back gate and walking along the pathway to see if I could get the horses to come over to say hello.  I still remember to this day when I was collected from school and mum told me the local farm was turning into a riding school.  I was there for my lesson every single week without fail and that dedication to horses have never changed.  I longed for a pony and every Birthday and Christmas it was at the top of my list.  But it wasn’t until I saved enough money and learnt to drive that I was finally able to fulfil my dream of having my own horse.

As a child, if I wasn’t riding or doing chores at the local riding school, I was drawing ponies or playing with some kind of equestrian toy.  So when we decided at The Horse Diva to put together a selection of child’s toys I wanted to look in to seeing if we would be able to stock my childhood favourites- Julip Horses.  When I contacted the lovely ladies at Julip Horses I was thrilled to find out they would be happy to supply The Horse Diva with the beautiful horse and rider gift sets and their accessories.  I then set about the difficult decision of choosing my favourite designs and I am thrilled to now stock a lovely collection of Julip Horses including Isabelle and Icicle and Rosie and Rocket!

isabelle and icicle

Julip Horses was established in 1945 by a lady called Lavender Gander Dower.  Originally the horses were made of latex but they are now made of a special plastic that is solid yet pliable.  The entire range of horses is made on a 1/12th scale.  The horse and rider sets come with their own accessories which are detailed on the product descriptions but include items such as a saddle and bridle, rugs, leg and tail bandages etc.  The horses, riders and their accessories are beautifully made with great attention to detail.  I have to admit when I opened our delivery of stock I was probably just as excited as when I open up my very own Julip horse a good few years ago.  These sets are a lovely present for any pony mad princess and I have to admit I have kept my own entire collection well over 20 years now!

Happy shopping and happy horse riding

polly and pandora_lrg darcie and dandelion


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