January Blues? Fed up in February?

20 Feb

Well we battled through the January blues and we are currently fighting our way through February and I don’t know about you but I have been finding it a bit of a struggle!!! I am no fair weather rider but after a series of serious drenchings, more changes of jodhpurs than you could imagine and a flooding disaster I am now officially sick of riding in the rain.  Therefore it has been really nice this week to enjoy a glimmer of sunshine showing the promise that Spring might actually be on its way (now I’ve said that snow will promptly arrive!).  As normal my horse Skip is finding his work schedule as strenuous as ever but even the horses seem to be grateful of some sunny spells.  Yes he does look like a sleeping donkey in these photos but he is really producing some lovely work now.

skip1            skip2

But the recent weeks have been brightened up but the expansion of our Horse Diva ranges and in particular the new greetings cards we have found can’t help but bring a smile to my face!  It’s been a real struggle to choose our favourites to join our collection but we hope you like our selection.  Here are a few images of the artwork of our new cards-

bad hair day clothes horses good to load lots of mane and tail jump that card nopoloscard passive resistance card

Some of these cards are already available on our website via the greetings cards section and others are on their way to us and will be online ASAP! If you are a regular visitor to our website then be sure to keep an eye on our new products section so you don’t miss out.  And remember if you are shopping for a horsey gift for a loved one and having it sent straight to the recipient then we are happy to write the gift message in your chosen greetings card for you.

We hope you enjoy our new collection – let us know your favourite card design, there’s one for every horse and rider out there!


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