Show Season!

13 May

Well what an amazing and inspiring Badminton Horse Trials this weekend! Sadly I didn’t manage to visit the event but I was gripped to the TV – never before have I seen so much action across country! With so many of us getting back out competing now – and okay we are probably not tackling the dizzy heights of the Badminton Cross Country Course – but we still want out horses to be turned out in tip top condition.  So here are a few goodies from our new show season collection to help you and your horse shine in the show ring.

To get your horse looking their best, preparation is key and the Supreme Products range of horse grooming goodies will help you with this process.  The Supreme Products Blue Horse Shampoo is great to add shine and colour definition to all coats where as we find the Supreme Products Stain Remover particularly useful for greys and coloured when tackling grass or stable stains.  Use in combination with the stain remover spray to maintain a clean gleaming coat for the show ring.

supreme products blue shampoo


For plaiting and quarter marks, the Supreme Products Easy Plait and Quarter Marking Spray are another two handy show essentials making your show preparation a little easier and stop any last minute panics on show day!

supreme products easy plait

To add that extra shine to your equine we have a range of sprays including the popular Absorbine Showsheen, the original show ring shine, hair polish and detangler for horses and ponies.  The formula even contains calming Jasmine and Sandalwood to help you and your horse perform at your best.  Plus the Kevin Bacon Liquid Hoof Dressing will give a stunning show ring appearance whilst being great for your horses hooves.

showsheen spray

Once you and your horse are prepared for the day ahead remember to pack all your essentials into your horse lorry in case you need them on arrival.  Be sure to include extra plaiting bands, thread and hoof picks as well as other little extras.  We also love the brilliant Wacky Practicals Foldaway Bucket which stores flat then easily expands to hold 7 litres so your horse can happily have a drink.  This makes a brilliant gift for a horse owner who is often out competing.


Happy competing!


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