Entertaining your Pony Princess This Summer!

15 Jul

The summer holidays are very nearly upon us and I can hear parents across the country worrying about how to keep their little ones entertained for weeks on end!  If your little ones are lucky enough to have their own pony then they can have fun at the farm not just riding but grooming and caring for their equine partner, perhaps using one of our junior grooming kits.  The summer is also a great opportunity to try something new – a new hack, join the pony club, set up a fun little gymkhana with your yard buddies or pop along to your local show.

wexford glitter kit

If you are not a horse or pony owner but you’re little one is pony mad then you’re in luck as many riding schools run extra activities for little ones in the holidays including pony camp, own a pony day, junior rallies etc. You can use the British Horse Society website to find an approved place to ride in your local area.  These activities are a great way to learn more about riding as well as pony ownership and I have fond memories of these as a child!

When away from the yard there are also plenty of other pony themed activities that little ones can enjoy! When the weather is bad why not get a couple of friends round for a craft play day.  The Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp Set is great for little ones to make cards and pictures for their loved ones. Plus it’s not too messy to clear up!!

wooden horse stamp set

When going on holiday it’s also worth taking a few toys to keep your little ones entertained when you are busy.  The Horse and Riders Magnetibook is a lovely toy for children aged 3-8 years.  This horsey toy contains four interchangeable scenes, three landscape boards and 24 horsey themed magnets for little ones to make a variety of pony scenes. Plus the set all comes in a handy book/ box so they can be kept together and lightweight for travelling.

horse and rider magnetic set

It’s great to get the children outside to run off their excess energy and our horse skipping rope will also help with that!  Lightweight and easy to transport to any location, children can either play on their own or with friends making up various games.

skipping rope

On a quiet day when your little one is feeling tired perhaps they would enjoy some down time with a snack and one of our puzzles.  The Horse Floor Puzzle is a popular one – you just need a floor space so your little pony lover can create the beautiful horsey scene on this jigsaw puzzle.

We hope we have provided you with a few extra ideas for the summer holidays and want to wish you all a fabulous summer time.  Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve got up to – we look forward to receiving photos of you with your ponies!


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