Best Lightweight Horse Riding Gloves for Summer

28 May

With the weather warming up and daylight hours extending it’s time to put the Winter gear away and revamp your summer equestrian wardrobe. What better way to start than with our top recommendations for lightweight horse riding gloves to suit all disciplines.

The HY5 Lightweight Ladies Horse Riding Gloves – Black/ Pink gloves are a great glove for everyday riding.  Available in three sizes for the perfect fit and at just £12.00 they are perfect for long hacks on your horse during the warmer months.

hy5 adults horse riding gloves_lightweight

For a high quality glove for all disciplines the MacWet Short Cuff Mesh Sports Horse Riding Gloves are the perfect solution. These gloves are designed to be used during the summer due to the mesh back of the gloves which aids circulation. Also ideal for riding on days when there is a high chance of a sudden summer shower as even in the wettest conditions MacWet gloves will give you 100% grip so your performance isn’t hindered.  A great buy at £25.

macwet short black cuff

For show days the Carrots Competition Gloves are the ideal solution. Made from lightweight, super stretchy fabric, these riding gloves remain comfortable as the heat rises. Available in cream in ladies and children’s sizes.  Tried and tested by The Horse Diva team and come highly recommended. Plus they are easy to wash if they get dirty whilst out competing!

cream competition gloves

If you have been wearing heavy fleece gloves all winter to muck out etc then it might be time to put them away until next season! However if you still want to protect your hands and nails whilst completing various yard tasks then we think its time you got your hands into a pair of the HY5 Multipurpose Yard / Stable Gloves.  Available in a range of colours and sizes (XS available for children too) these are perfect for all those fiddly tasks such as tacking up.  We really would be lost without ours and at £6.95 it won’t cost you much to give them a try!



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