Back to School!

30 Jul

As we enter into another week of the summer holidays, there are no end of excited little people enjoying their pony camps and own a pony days!  Okay, so the weather isn’t that great at the moment but it really doesn’t matter when there are so many ponies to play with! But sadly the holidays can’t all be fun, fun, fun and you need to get organised to ensure that all supplies are ready for the return to school next term.  So why not brighten up school essentials with some horse and pony stationery and a funky horse bag that your little one can’t wait to show off to her friends.  Here are some of our top selections but be sure to check out our Back To School collection to see the range in full.

Our most popular horse bag of the moment is the Milly Green Horses Pink Backpack.  A strong, good sized rucksack with a funky horse print.  Perfect for carrying books and stationery supplies.

mg pink rucksack

For swimming / gym clothes then the Twinkle Gym Sack is the ideal solution.  This bag is also great to use at weekends when attending Pony Club.  A very popular print loved by all.

twinkle gym sack purple

For all us stationery geeks out there we have a cute and colourful range of pens, pencils and accessories – all with a pony theme. Below are just a few of our favourites.  It’s a lovely idea to fill a pencil cases full of new pony pens as a little gift for the start of term.


And don’t forget lunchtime can be made a little more fun with our horsey lunch boxes including this popular Tyrrell Katz Lunch bag and the coordinating snack boxes for yummy treats – very popular with our little pony lovers.

lunch bag new

Happy holidays everyone xxx


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