Horse Gifts for Boys

11 Feb

Every year we work hard to develop our ranges and expand collections to ensure we have what our customers are looking for. For the first time over the festive period we found that we were getting requests for boys equestrian gifts and accessories.  This is something we have wanted to do for a while but struggled to put together a full collection.  However, with demand rising, we are thrilled to now launch our Boys Horse Gifts range!

This collection aims to provide boys equestrian accessories, pony themed clothing as well as horse toys and pocket money treats! Here are a few of our favourite items we hope you and your sons, nephews, grandsons etc will like.

This Bang on the Door Riding Hat Silk is great for boys enjoying their weekly riding lessons. Fits over any size skull cap so great for all ages.

boys cool dude hat cover

Boys can keep warm during the winter months or layer up when riding on a cool summer’s evening with this cool Rocky Electric Blue Children’s Hoodie. Ideal for the yard but also looks great with jeans too. Matching T shirt also available for when the weather warms up!

rocky hoodie

For boys that love horses but don’t necessarily ride our toy collection of horse gifts mean they can play ponies endlessly in the comfort of their own home. We’d recommend the Melissa and Doug Horse Carrier Set . It’s a great size to play with at home or take away on holiday/ around to a friends.


For some bedtime reading, the Victoria Eveleigh’s set of horse books are fantastic. Why not opt for Joe and the Race to Rescue or Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe to give your son a horse book that will keep him interested.


Of course our collections wouldn’t be the same without all the little extras needed to complete the perfect horse gift! Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten these for the boys so you’ll still find some lovely pocket money treats or finishing touches for your boys horse gift.   Why not add an Alex Clark Art Horse Bookmark to your horse book gift or the horsey bouncing ball to your present to cause a bit of havoc in any household!

bouncing balls

We hope you like our initial boys horse gifts collection! If you spot any further products you think would be a great addition please do get in touch – we are always open to new suggestions! Happy shopping and of course happy riding x


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