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Valentines Gifts For Horse Lovers

23 Jan

If you are feeling anything like me at the moment then Winter with horses is starting to feel like a struggle and you are wishing the Spring sunshine would arrive. We all need something to look forward to and with Valentine’s Day round the corner it’s time to start putting out a few handy hints to your loved one!  Here are a few ideas that might take your fancy…

For something a little different, any equestrian would appreciate one of our brand new gift sets. The Horse Lovers Hamper comes in a modern box filled with equestrian themed goodies including a notebook and pen, love my horse keyring and a horse shaped soap and rose scented lip balm. All beautifully packaged your other half can take the hassle out of Valentines with a gift you will appreciate.  If you are finding your body is a little tired after the endless mucking out then our Pampering Gift Set may appeal.  The brand new wash bag is filled with the very popular Naked Horse Hand and Body Cream and Dead Sea Bath Salts.  Give your body and skin some relief this Valentine’s from the cold weather.

If you would prefer a more traditional Valentine’s gift then of course some jewellery is the obvious option.  What woman doesn’t love a bit of sparkle and if you’re other half knows how much you love your horse then some equestrian themed jewellery is the perfect choice.  For a touch of sparkle our current favourite piece of equestrian jewellery is the Rose Gold Sparkly Hoof stud Earrings. Perfect for nights out and day to day wear! Alternatively if you would prefer a timeless, stunning necklace the Gallop Collection Silver Snaffle Necklace is a beautiful piece which can be worn with a variety of necklines.

If you view Valentine’s Day as more of an excuse to get a practical gift to update your equestrian wardrobe/ accessories then the Classic Grip Leather Horse Riding Gloves are highly recommended for the keen horse rider. Having saved my fingers through freezing early morning rides this Winter, yet not being too bulky for Summer wear, I think these are an essential gloves for anyone who rides whatever the weather! Why not team with some Coolhorsesocks to help keep toes warm too!

So the time has come to plant the seed as to what you would like for your special gift this February 14th!  Start talking about how cold your fingers are out riding, how you need a nourishing body moisturiser, leave a few website pages open on a shared computer and hopefully this year the chocolates and flowers will stay at the garage and us horse lovers will be happily mucking out this Valentines rather than a raged woman with a pitch fork!



Equestrian Essentials for the Showing Season

4 Jun

With another summer of showing ahead of us its important to have the right equestrian gear so you feel prepared and confident for your classes.  Here are a few highly recommended pieces to get you and your horse shown off to your full potential.

When competing preparation is key and making sure your horse looks pristine is essential for the show ring.  Start at home with a thorough shampoo with warm water.  Depending on your horse’s coat we’d opt for one of the Supreme Products shampoos or the Absorbine Showsheen Shampoo and conditioner for an all round effective wash.

showsheen 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner

If your horse requires plaiting then we love the Supreme Products Easy Plait to keep your plaits secure on a windy day.  Ideal to use if plaiting up the night before with thread. Tried and tested on a variety of manes and it proves to be most effective.

supreme products easy plait

For any last minute stains then opt for the Miracle Groom – perfect if you arrive at the yard in the morning to find your horse has a huge stable stain (surely that doesn’t just happen to me!).  Comes in an easy to use spray bottle you can take this to the show with you for any last minute marks and its great if the weather is a little cold.

miracle groom

For manes, tails and extra coat shine we would recommend the Pig Oil spray.  This can be used sparingly especially on the coat as you don’t want your horse to become too slippery! Adds beautiful shine to mains and tails that will glisten in the summer sunshine.  Also useful for horses with full feather to add shine and condition.  Plus to add glimmer to your horse’s hooves the Kevin Bacon Liquid Hoof Dressing is the perfect product to look good and condition hooves at the same time.


In the warmer weather it’s important to ensure your horse stays hydrated and the Wacky Practical Foldaway Bucket is a brilliant product that doesn’t take up too much space.  Folds flat for easy storage then expands to hold water for your horse to drink or to wash him down with.


And once your horse is ready it’s time to start on yourself – phew!!!  But don’t worry here are just a couple of products that will make you look super stylish in the show ring. The Equetech Kenton Tweed Messenger Bag is a gorgeous bag for ringside use and the perfect size for all your equestrian essentials.   Available in two colours so pick the best one to coordinate with your showing gear.

equetech bag_green

A luxury pair of horse riding gloves are essential to look the part and protect your hands – especially if your horse gets a bit keen on show day! We’d recommend the Carrots Brown Leather Competition Gloves for ultimate comfort and style.


For other products for the show ring why not check out our full show season collection for a little inspiration.  And with these goodies in your kit just remember if it all goes wrong on the day at least you will look absolutely amazing! Good luck! xx

I’m No Expert…

14 Sep

Having attended Burghley Horse Trials a couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit deflated that I had not progressed to such a top level or even a competition level within my own riding career! I am more of a happy hacker who loves horses to bits but i”ll fess up now that i’m no expert. I don’t come from a horsey family and until I got my own boy I didn’t really know many equestrian folk. I wasn’t one of those girls out competing on their ponies from a young age…rather I would walk round to the riding school on a weekly basis for my lovely lesson. Having pleaded with my parents for a pony every Christmas and Birthday since I was seven i’m sure they got sick of me but they never gave in. By the time I got to 18 I had saved enough money; the hunt for my own horse began. And what an experience that was…teaching myself the translation of “horse for sale” adverts! Seven years later i’ve come a long way with my neddy but still have a long way to go. I get a huge sense of pride when he scrubs up nicely and behaves himself…but that’s sometimes evened out with the rage I get when he breaks out of the field/ acts like a total rebel.

But I shouldn’t be deflated. He might not be picture perfect or impecably behaved all the time, but just like me, he’s no expert. We’re just enjoying learning and improving together. So if you’re new to the equestrian field, baffled by the lingo, intimidated by the environment, don’t worry. You’re not alone and more often than not you really will know as much (if not more) than the person next to you!

Funky Fone Sox at The Horse Diva!

13 Aug

Well the weekend is nearly here and before I clock off I thought I’d just let you know about my new favourite product…the Funky Fone Sox Horse Silhouette Mobile Phone Sock! It’s a little late for my current mobile but this funky fone sock will protect your phone from scratches at the yard! In fact its bright colour will even help you find your phone in the depths of your handbag! A total bargain at £3.95, this makes the perfect treat for yourself or (dare I say it) an ideal stocking filler for Christmas! Grab yours online at The Horse Diva– Available now!

One of those weeks…

29 Jul

Is it me or does anyone else have those weeks when you just run out of energy and everything seems a bit too much! In the last few months I had been doing so well schooling my horse, increasing both his and my own fitness and then suddenly I hit a brick wall. Rather than fight it I gave us both a week off to try and recharge the batteries and it seems to have done the trick. After a lazy hack and a good old natter with a friend I was feeling a lot better and B seemed to still be behaving despite his rest. Then this weekend I headed into the field to tackle some schooling thinking everything i’d been working on would have gone out the window. But to my suprise B was excellent and the break seemed to have done him the world of good.

To make up for my recent time out of the saddle I spent nearly all weekend at the yard this weekend (I may as well have camped there)! In addition to horse riding myself I gave my friend a riding lesson. It was great fun and lovely to introduce someone new to the horse world. I did however find it quite difficult to break down all the info as I have never really taught before. For me, riding has become a bit like driving- when you’ve been doing it long enough it becomes automatic!

As any horse owner will know, there are many other lengthy horsey jobs that come along with owning your own horse. To name but a few I completed the daily field poo pick, topped up the water in the field, groomed the horses, picked out hooves, prepared feeds, applied fly spray and sun cream…need I go on!? For me, some days these chores I seem like a real hassle but I try and brighten daily routines up with my fun and funky equestrian yard products, putting to use my fabulous feeding fit, hoof pick (my fave is the pink and blue) and my Showa equestrian gloves, great for protecting your hands.

Press Pages at The Horse Diva!

27 Jul

At The Horse Diva we are continually working to improve our website and this week I am feeling rather excited as we have launched two new Press Pages.

Here you will find links to our press releases and any press articles that we have been featured in. Feeling inspired by these website alterations I have been working hard on a new press release and I thought you may like a little read…so here it is!

The Wrong Path Leads The Right Way…

I  left school at 18, uncertain of what the future held in store for me. Despite achieving good grades throughout secondary school I was questioning the narrow path of attending University that I was rapidly being pushed towards. Through sixth form I watched my friends make plans, visit University cities and talk in depth about which course they so longed for. Yet rarely did I hear a discussion of a chosen career or future job role, and I began to question why University was the only option? What else was outside of the school gates?

With only my part time Saturday job for experience, I didn’t have a clue about career opportunities, yet I soon came to the conclusion that University was not for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be in 10 years time so why should I get in to £10,000’s of debt guessing my future? Horror. That was the external reaction. I was not going to conform or follow the “normal” route….I was going to take my own path, or as others would see it be written off as a failed statistic.

With limited guidance available, I was lucky enough to be able to lean heavily on my family who had forever blessed me with support and encouragement. So off I trundled into the big wide world, sifting through job adverts trying to break down job descriptions into comprehensible language! It wasn’t long and, I suppose I was in the right place at the right time, but I managed to secure a trainee sales position within a local Jewellery Design company and it turned out to be a fantastic job for me. I loved the role, the people, the company and I rapidly learnt an incredible amount and within three years I was managing their new studio in Cambridge. But then within a few more months I decided it was time for a change and I took the brave although some may say stupid??) decision to leave stepping once more into the unknown.

After much trial and error it had dawned on me, I suppose, that I wanted (or needed) to put all my weirdly diverse skills into something that I truly and being young I felt it that it was now or never to give it a go. Taking inspiration from my mum’s own business Garden Divas and my own passions in life, in October 2009 The Horse Diva was born.

I researched the market, sourced my products, designed my website and sent the web designer off with strict instructions! Combining my love of horses, shopping and business, this online horsey boutique is the biggest and best challenge of my life so far. From website alterations to selecting (and trialling) the ranges I love the diversity and complexity of running my own business. Just six months after setting up, it’s very hard work and takes full commitment and dedication plus a lot of self belief and initiative. It’s bright, fresh, informal and friendly- just like any high street shop should be.

The Horse Diva’s vision for the future is to lead the way in innovative online shopping, create the original Horse Diva range and grow a successful business of choice. And now, because it’s relevant, because it’s useful and because I can put it in to practice I am completing my Business Studies Degree through the Open University.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the wrong path is actually the right way.

The Horse Diva

The Horse Diva Family

21 Jul

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know about the new addition to The Horse Diva family who is rather cute and totally adorable! In the photo below you will see our new family friend, Dave.  Dave is an 8 week old Giant French Lop who has been with us for 10 days now. He has settled in really well and has grown no end since he first arrived with us. He seems to currently love being a house rabbit- although the sitting room has had to become rather rabbit friendly to prevent him from chewing absolutely everything (as I sit here now there are cushions preventing him getting to the tv cables and the curtains are tucked up to stop him eating them!). Dave is so friendly and loves watching the tv with us. He is also highly entertaining with his mad bunny jumping and excited sprints around the room!
However Dave is yet to meet my partners dog Charlie…although he’s so laid back I don’t think Dave is going to be too bothered! Here’s Charlie “enjoying” his first ever bath

out in the garden a couple of weeks back. Not sure he liked it too much but he certainly smelt a lot better afterwards. We used the fab Dirty Beastie Shampoo on him to give his coat a really good wash with a lovely fresh smell. However it’s a shame the sunshine has seemed to dissapear since then. I hope you are all enjoying some time with your animals- may they be horses, dogs, rabbits or otherwise 🙂